Dial 112

The operator speaks numerous languages

You can also dial 112 on a non Spanish mobile

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Other Numbers

Ambulance Ambulancía: Dial 061 or 112

Fire Brigade Bomberos: Dial 080 or 112

Local Police Policía Local: Dial 092

  • Local Police work within local communities

Civil Guard Guardia Civil: Dial 062

  • The Civil Guard is organised as a military force which works nationally.

Spanish National Police Cuerpo Nacional de Policia CNP: Dial 091

  • The CNP work nationally and police mainly urban areas.

Coast Guard Salvamento y Seguridad Marítima SASEMAR: Dial 900 202 202

  • SEMAR is a sea search and rescue organisation.  In charge of maritime traffic control, safety and rescue operations, as well as protection of the maritime environment