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There are many companies out there providing air-con, tv and solar, so why choose Mundo-Solutions?

Well, quite simply, they care.

What is unique is their approach to your needs and after sales service.

They’re always more than happy to go the extra mile, spend the time to listen to your needs – and fit the solution YOU want – and to be on hand to provide routine maintenance, and on-going repairs as required.


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Mundo Solutions AC


We supply a range of Air-conditioning solutions to suit your individual needs. It doesn’t matter if you live in a modest apartment, have an extensive 5 bedroom villa, or have an office space to take care of, Mundo Solutions is always more than happy to go the extra mile, spend the time to listen and fit the system YOU want.

  • Huge range of quality systems
  • Keeps cool in summer and warm in winter
  • Domestic or commercial
  • Multi-room systems
  • Full re-gas, repair and maintenance service


All you want is to switch the TV on and enjoy what you want to watch. All we want is to make that as simple, easy and reliable as possible! We spend a lot of time researching the latest technology and new developments in Satellite and Internet TV to ensure you get the best! We’ve been installing TV systems, in Spain, for more than a decade, so we know our LNB from our co-ax! As well as dishes, we offer internet TV boxes with record and catch-up facilities. Never miss your fave show again!

  • UK, French, German, Dutch and Scandi TV
  • Dishes from 70cm to 2.4m
  • Digi-boxes including Freeview & SKY
  • Full repair and maintenance service
Mundo Solutions TV
Mundo Solutions Solar Energy


Did you know that there is enough energy in 1 hour of sunshine to power the entire planet for a year? Solar technology is advancing rapidly and has become even more economical to install. Want to do your bit to look after Mother Earth?
It’s time for solar! We’ve done our research and can offer the very best in Solar Energy Solutions. Take advantage of the 300 days of sunshine here in Spain, save the planet and save money at the same time.

  • Solar panel Installation
  • Solar hot water systems
  • Maintenance & Repair