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Advocate Maria Jose Malonda Alemany has been practicing law since she graduated in 2005 and opened her Pego office in the same year.

If you are looking for an approachable, professional lawyer in the Pego area call Asesores Malonda for an appointment.


  • Vehicle registrations
  • Vehicle imports
  • Vehicle transfers
  • Vehicle number plate changes
  • Vehicle rehabilition
  • Vehicle history


  • Gestión y contabilidad de comunidades
  • Gestión de cobros
  • Gestión de proveedores
  • Reclamación de impagos
  • Realización de juntas, actas e informes
  • Resolución de problemas


  • Employment advice for individuals and companies
  • Payroll and Social Security preparation


  • Tax advice for individuals and businesses
  • Advice on tax benefits for family run businesses
  • Document prepararation for Inspection and Economic-Administrative Court and contentious-administrative appeals before the Courts of Justice
  • Registration of IAE SUMA and Treasury Tax Obligations (037)
  • Quarterly IVA return for models 300, 310, 370, 320 and 330 Non-periodic IVA return (model 309)
  • Annual IVA review
  • Quarterly declaration of fractional payment Income models 130 and 131
  • Form 210 declaration for non-residents
  • Tax registrations and cancellations
  • Notary preparation
  • Property registration preparation
  • SUMA preparation