APN Settings for Lobster Mobile

October 27, 2020

Lobster Data Not Working!

So you have just signed up to Lobster mobile, put your new SIM card into your mobile phone and everything seems to be working fine.  Until you leave your home and realise that WhatsApp isn’t working, not only that you can’t access Google Maps or anything related to the internet.

Lobster APN Settings

You need to find the APN settings (Access Point Name) in your mobile, most cases it can be found under “Mobile Networks” or “SIM card settings”, in case you still can’t find it then apn.how will guide you according to your mobile make and model.

Follow the instructions below to get your Data working;

  • Click here, & scroll halfway down the page to “SELECT YOUR PHONE MODEL TO GET INSTRUCTIONS FOR APN SETTINGS”
  • Click on your phone make
  • Then click on your phone model
  • Follow the instructions shown, when you have the “Access Point Name” screen open on your mobile then enter the following
    • In the Name field type lobster
    • In the APN field type lobster 
    • Do not change any other fields
  • Then click “Save”, at the bottom of the list or in the “More” menu
  • Ensure the “Lobster” APN is selected in the APN list
  • You can then close the settings screen and your phone should start recieving data

If you live in Spain and are not using Lobster Mobile; why not? 

Lobster packages start from €12 per month, which includes all calls and texts to Spain, UK, Germany, Netherlands, USA and various other European countries.  Roaming is also free in these countries.

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