Instant Telephone Interpretation Service

March 2, 2020 No comments exist

Offering Spanish to: English, French or German myfriendinspain,com’s aim is to be a “light” service for non Spanish-speakers living in Spain and Spanish businesses that have occasional foreign customers. Simply call 24/7 for immediate human help with; a doctors appointment, visit from a plumber, electrician, police etc.

The technique is called consequetive interpretation. The interpreter listens then repeats the phrase in the other language. Callers pass the phone between them and the other party or simply use hands-free.

Run via a premium number 807 499 846, callers pay only 1,21€ per minute from Spanish landlines and 1,57€ total from mobiles via their phone bill and only pay for the exact time used.

The interpreters are a mix of local and foreign bilingual people who have been trained to quickly translate and encourage the caller to hang up as soon as they finish their part in order to keep the cost down.

Brainchild of Martin Ducos who is a mix of English, French and Spanish, he hopes this approach will encourage frequent use of the service as people become comfortable with quick and efficient help when they need it most.

Save the number 807 499 846 to your phone now as you never know when you may need it.

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