Electric Cars in Spain

July 10, 2018 No comments exist

More Charging Stations Needed for Spains Electric Cars

I was very interested to find that the amount of charging stations for electric cars in the Marina Alta, Costa Blanca North have increased considerably.  Even during the 10 months since I published the Petrol Station Page (now renamed Fueling and Charging Stations for reasons explained in this blog).  Certainly the number will continue to increase, as this is the answer to cheap and clean transport most of us are hoping for in the very near future.

After running a quick check on the reported figures of new car sales in Spain.  A report by Wallboxok informs us that nearly 4,000 electric cars were sold in Spain during 2017.  Although just a drop in the ocean in comparison to the total Spanish car sales during 2017 of 1.2 million [Statista.motor.es].  It is in fact an increase of 100% since 2016, when only 2,000 electric cars were sold.  Therefore at this rate we could see all car sales here in Spain being electric by the year 2026 (see graph).

In my opinion electric cars will take over the roads within the next 8 years and we should be prepared – this is what we all wanted isn’t it! (well, what the world government’s wanted anyway).  This is most definitely an opportunity for all entrepreneurs out there to invest in meeting the needs of electric car owners, especially the obvious – charging stations.

We do need are more car charging stations throughout Spain, most certainly in the Marina Alta; where we are promoting tourism to our european neighbours.  Wouldn’t it be nice to entice more environmentally friendly types with their clean vehicles!

Come on Valencia let’s invest in more charging stations and move into a cleaner future together.

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