Growing Electricity Bills!!!

June 14, 2018 No comments exist

Have you ever wondered how your electricity bill got so big? Every month/year the total creeps up and up.  Eventually, you compare your current bill to one 12 months ago and it is surprisingly higher.  You haven’t done anything to warrant this increase, like buying 20 tuble dryers or taking in a football team as lodgers.

Well I have some great news for you!  If you live in Spain.  Alta Life can review your latest electricity bill and provide you with a free comparison report.  This report will show if you are on the best tariff available, or suggest you move to a new electricity provider which offers a better rate.  You will clearly see your savings!  This service is completely free of charge, no catches or hidden fees.  After reviewing the report and you decide you would like to change electricity company, Alta Life will manage all the paper work for you as well.  

Therefore, if you want to lower your energy bill, or would just like the piece of mind that you are receiving the best price for energy use.  Get in contact with Alta Life.  You can email or just send a picture of your latest invoice to us via Whatsapp, and we will send you a personal report within a couple of days.

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