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JNB Music is the Dream of Founder, Jesus Iglesias.  This state of the art Jukebox company is currently based in the Guinness Enterprise Centre in Dublin.  The app is available free for you, wherever you are in the world, if you have a mobile device to hand.

This music app has been developed, tested, improved and now released as a Virtual Jukebox App for Android and Apple.  Simple and intuitive to use, JNB Music was developed for businesses to allow their clients/visitors to interact with their playlist and choose what they would like to hear through a voting system.

Imagine you are sitting in a waiting room, bar, cafe or club somewhere in the world.  The music being played is just grating on your nerves.  With JNB Music you could open the playlist on your mobile device, and choose what you would like to listen to.

Wouldn’t this be marvelous; well now it can happen! 

You can take control of the music in public spaces thanks to JNB Music.

JNB Music is now available for free for your own private parties.  You can set up a playlist for your party and allow your guests to pick what they would like to listen to through their mobiles.

Set-up Guide

Follow these simple steps to set up your playlist;

  1. Visit
  2. Click on “FIESTA PRIVADA” (top right)
  3. Sign Up
  4. Create a Part Name and Location.  Add a description and some images.
  5. Go to “My Playlist”
  6. Select your Playlist Music source.  If you are using files stored on your PC or mobile device click “Local Files”
  7. Click “Add Songs”
  8. Select the tracks to compile your playlist

Your playlist will start playing instantly.  You can add more tracks or create a new playlist anytime later, by clicking the relevant buttons.

Now for the really good bit:  Ask your friends to download the “JNB Music” app, they will see a list of all the Playlists nearby.  When they select yours, they will see what music is currently playing and they will be able to vote for their favourite tracks.  The most voted track gets played next.  They can only vote if they are near your venue.

More Information

If you would like to use JNB Music at your place of business or you are interest in investing in this Music Startup you can contact the Founder; Jesus Iglesias directly by using our contact page.

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