Unlock your Movistar Mobile

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Get your SIM Network Unlock code here

If you have an old Movistar phone which you would like to use with another company then you can unlock it here for free, just follow the instructions below. 

If you would like guidance in English then scroll down for instructions.

Request a code to Unlock your Movistar Simlocked Mobile

Use the above form to request a code to unlock your Movistar Sim locked mobile.  This is a completely free service offered by Movistar, you do not need a contract with them.  All you need is another working mobile to receive an SMS code and a SIM card that is not Movistar.

  1. In the “Nº de teléfono móvil” field, enter a mobile number where you can receive the Movistar code – then click “Continuar”
  2. Once you receive the 4 digit code in an SMS enter it in the “Codigo recibido” field – and click “Continuar”
  3. On the phone you need to unlock dial *#06# and press the call key, your IMEI will be displayed.
  4. Enter the IMEI code (15 numbers) into the “Nº de IMEI” field – and click “Continuar”
  5. Your unlock code should then be displayed.
  6. Insert a SIM card that is not Movistar into the phone you want unlocked.  Once you power on the phone you will be promted to enter you unlock code under the message “Network Lock”

Your phone should now be unlocked and will work with any mobile company SIM card.

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