Car Problems? Here is your Solution…

February 19, 2018 No comments exist

Auto Almela

3 years after my arrival to Spain and I had been what I can only describe as “ripped off” numerous times by unscrupulous mechanics in what seemed large respectable businesses.

But that all changed once I found Vicent of Auto Almela; during my cars first visit I received a call from Vicent updating me of the issues, giving me alternatives and advice.  After my previous negative experiences it took a while to trust again, but I cam honestly say I have never had any issues with Auto Almela over 9 years.

Every one I recommend Auto Almela to are very satisfied and remain loyal clients, one called me after his visit to get new tires; amazed that Vicent recomended the more economical tyres as they were of similar quality as a well known brand but half the price.  Kudos to Vincent and his team for putting customers before profit.

Check out Auto Amela’s special offers, these change every month.

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