Solar Panels for FREE!

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Well not exactly free, you will pay for the solar equipment; but over a certain period of time and your monthly savings made from solar energy generation will outweigh the expense.  Therefore you will be making savings from day one.

Why install solar panels?

Because you will be more free and greener than ever.  You will be able to benefit from the energy that the sun provides every day.  The solar panels help to convert solar energy into usable electrical energy, so that you can use it directly at home or store it in a battery.

Savings from day one

From the moment your photovoltaic panels start to operate, your consumption from the main grid reduces, which also reduces your electricity bill.

You own your energy

By installing solar panels you can be assured that your electricity will never go up in price and you will add value to your home.

What is needed for a photovoltaic installation?

If you have a roof, you can take advantage of solar energy and produce your own photovoltaic energy.   Below are the steps we take to make the whole process easy for you.

Our Part in this

LUZ123 is an agent for a large renewable energy company based in Spain.  We both have an interest in making clean energy a cheaper alternative and are doing as much as possible for the public to enjoy this free source of energy. 

1. Support

We will be your single point of contact. We will explain the entire process, so that you have a clear understanding, and are confident that you are choosing the best option.

2. Legalisation

We will do all the work for you; form filling, legalisation and installation.  If there are grants available in your area, we will also deal with them for you. We will make the whole process  very easy for you.

3.. Management

We will manage the whole process from start to finish.  We will also carry out regular maintenance of your installation and ensure that its operation is optimal.

The Whole Process

1. We assess your home

We produce an assessment prior to the installation and we will inform you personally of everything you need to know before taking out the contract

2. We validate your installation

We make a visit to your home to gather detailed information, so we can prepare your personal quote

3. We install and legalise

We request the necessary permits to implement and legalise your installation.
Once permission has been granted, you will have your solar panels fitted

4. Completion and delivery

We manage the final permits and deliver the final equipment for your system.
Then you can start generating energy!

5. Enjoy your savings

You will save from the first moment through generating and using your own energy.
We will take charge of the maintenance and remaining administration.

If you do not want to install solar panels but would like to consume 100% renewable energy, we can move you to a renewable energy company.  In most cases we can lower your electricity bill using renewable energy, a free comparison report is available upon request.

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