Spanish Electricity Prices

September 20, 2018 2 comments

What can you do about the Spanish Electricity Price Increase?

2018 has seen dramatic increases in the price of electricity in Spain. Previous years have shown slight increases but never enough to actually catch your attention when reviewing your monthly bill. This year is different, as you can see from the graph [figures from Statista] , rates have suddenly soared. I am sure you have noticed yourself, heard friends and the press talking about it.

Business holders and households alike, are getting hit by large electric bills and this creates concern. Most people think there are no options but continue using, paying and complaining.

There is a solution! You don’t have to set up a solar farm on your roof terrace, or disconnect yourself from the main grid and returning to candlelight lighting.

  • Here are things you should be doing:
    Reviewing your electric contract, to find out just exactly how you are paying. If your contract rate is Variable, move onto a Fixed rate ASAP.
  • Are you being charged unnecessary extras? Find out what they are and tell your supplier you don’t want them.
  • Shop around! There are many electricity suppliers in Spain, and some are actually very good.
    Alternatively, you can take advantage of our free electricity comparison service. We will review your latest bill and advise you if there is a better rate elsewhere.

There are no excuses for being overcharged for you electric anymore.  We are here to guide you to a better, cheaper supplier – for FREE.

2 Comments on “Spanish Electricity Prices

  1. I cannot download my latest electricity bill to you can I send an email with my electricity bill attached please.

    Kind regards. Linda Millington

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