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January 19, 2018 No comments exist

Gentes Join Alta Life

Great news for Alta Life followers, as Gentes have now joined the team.

As all my family and friends know I tend to stay well away from hairdressers, only visiting once or twice a year; being as far from fashionable as East is from West.  I always crumble when I am sat in the chair and asked how I want my hair cutting, as the only thing I know is that I would like it “shorter”.  When I met Marcello for the first time he soon made me feel at ease by understanding and taking control.  Following his advice I  got a Rapha Nadal cut, and on other occasions I have sported an Andy Murray cut.

Marcelo welcomes everyone to his hair salons where you are guaranteed a full pampering; men, woman and children can all get their “New Look” via Gentes.

Check out Gentes page for more information and special offers.

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