Need a Sworn Translator? Call Tradulop

March 1, 2018 No comments exist


Last week I had a document that needed translating, which I normally do myself but this time it had to be a “Traducción Jurada”, it was for Agencia Tributarias and I had a week to get it done; so it was urgent.

The hunt began for a Sworn Translator; I requested a number of quotes over the internet, those which were polite enough to respond gave me quite a varied range of prices.  I am very wary when it comes to dealing with businesses over the internet especially as payment is needed up front.  Therefore I telephoned the company that gave the best quote to ensure they existed, and to put my mind to rest.

The Translator I called was Maripaz of Tradulop, who was very helpful.  What I found particularly good was that her prices are so clear, as well as being very competitive.  She could even work from a photo of the document sent via Whatsapp.  

A couple of hours after I made payment via bank transfer I received the translated document through email which I was surprised to see was in exactly the very same format as the original.  The original sworn/certified copy arrived via urgent post the very next day.

I think the whole process was quicker, cheaper and less hassle than driving down to the nearest translator and requesting the translation in person.

Thank you Maripaz, great service.  

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